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Come for confidence building, excellent dance lessons and enjoy new friendships!

Christine Rich created a dance studio to give you everything–that is if you’re looking for the best training in the best studio with the best environment!  A local academy of dance, offering dance done right with perks such as increased self-esteem, confidence amongst peers, world-class dance training with old-fashioned values and directed by top professional dancers and choreographers.  We will teach and mentor you to learn how to gracefully dance. All in an art-filled studio focused on you.

This may seem like the scenario for a movie plot, but it isn’t quite that – although we want you to have a truly artistic experience. Welcome to the Christine Rich Studio, a dance studio where we take dancing very seriously, as the art that it is and as the discipline that it necessarily involves – without forgetting about how much fun and exciting dance for kids, or even pre-professional dance lessons should be.

In Champaign, Urbana and Savoy, as well as in the Midwest and beyond, we offer dance lessons without borders. Students travel from far away to study our selection of cross-training dance classes: from Ballet classes in Vaganova (Russian style), to Tap classes, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Acrobatics (better and safer than gymnastics), and Hip Hop classes, to Show Jazz (in the good old Broadway-Style), Dance Tech classes to improve flexibility, leaps and turns, plus Dancer’s Strength classes, here, children, youth and adults can find the stress-relieving, discipline-building and fun-liberating experience that only learning how to dance well – and enjoying dancing can offer.

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You want to offer your child the gift of dancing, and we start with our toddler ballet classes plus tap classes rolled into one combination dance class, not necessarily because you want your child to become a professional dancer. Sure, that may come to happen, and, at the Christine Rich Studio, your child will find the best possible dance training and coaching that is responsible for making many successful professional dancers come into their artistic life.

However, you’re essentially looking for an after-school or summer experience that will help your child to learn how to dance and learn about the performing arts as part of her education – while having fun, building confidence, staying healthy and socializing along the way.

That is exactly what we’re offering you – pre-professional dance and ballet classes that are designed for an enriching and life-affirming experience that will be very beneficial for your child, regardless of what her future as a dancer may become.

Already all grown up? If you’re a beginner we often have adult ballet classes to adult tap classes.

Professional dancer? Our advanced levels are on par with professional company work.

Known for the artistic and technical quality of our work with dance students, based on the strong history that our teaching body has in the world of dance, we decided to create a top-level ballet school and dance studio that is active serving people in Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, Mahomet, Tolono, Rantoul, Philo, Bement, Monticello, Effingham, Charleston, Tuscola, Springfield, Decatur, Bloomington, Normal, Danville, Gibson City and St. Joseph, as well as in the local areas near the University of Illinois Champaign.

We also wanted to make top-level dance coaching available in our private dance lessons that are quite popular. As dancers and choreographers, we believe that ballet and dance should be as accessible as possible so the Christine Rich Studio Dance Academy was built with a lot of thought…and love. You won’t find another building like it in the country. After all, we believe that dancing is a defining element and a fundamental expression of human nature and human talent. Our facility is filled with beauty, art and dancer luxuries when you arrive for dancing class.

We are therefore very happy to tell you that you can rely on us to offer you or your child the many benefits of our outstanding dance classes, namely:

  • – Increased Focus: our students always tend to achieve higher grades
  • – Increased Focus: our students always tend to achieve higher grades
– Building Patience: our students learn to become more patient individuals – which reflects on family, school and personal environments
  • – Increased Focus: our students always tend to achieve higher grades
– Values and Respect: that’s a fundamental part of our dance teaching that all our students learn to grow
  • – Increased Focus: our students always tend to achieve higher grades
  • – Happiness and Confidence: our students (toddlers to tweens, to pre-professional teens to adult ballet) develop their personalities in a way that affirms their independence and self-confidence, becoming happier children on their way to becoming balanced and successful adults

All these benefits reflect not only on our younger students – adults feel them as well!

So now we would like to invite you to visit us at our dance studio with world class training and old-fashioned values, to feel the very special and positive flow where your child – or you! – will be learning how to dance and enjoying a liberating expression of the graceful moves that your body is waiting to express.

From ballet for beginners to professionals…from ages 2 years to adult…from Contemporary Dance to Tap to Acrobatics, we can find a dance class for you and train you right into a professional dance career if that is something you desire. Otherwise, you will learn skills from your dance study that will make you exceptional now and in the future.

Please call us at (217) 355-9265, or send an email to Christine Rich Dance Studio, to make sure that we’ll be here to welcome you when you visit us.

We’re looking forward to help you and your child dance with your feet and with your heart!