Christine Rich

Hi! Christine Rich here and thanks for stopping by and trusting me with your time and attention. 🙂

Deciding on an after-school activity can feel overwhelming sometimes.

You’re so busy and you want to “get it right” by making you happy and more importantly, your child.

And there are so many options from tennis to swimming to dance.

Let’s take a look at some possible motivations that bring you to us today before we tell you the benefits of CRS dance training (and the hidden bonuses)…

Your child may be dancing all around the house and begging for dance lessons and you feel unprepared because you know nothing about the world of dance!

We can get you through it! We have online registration and plenty of written information on our website, plus helpful staff to answer questions.

Or, perhaps you know that you want an after-school activity for your child that is both fun, structured, top dance training, and educational to develop your child’s personal qualities (self-confidence, time management, facing challenges and growing stronger, etc.) because you know that academic school is not enough.

CRS specializes in this—for 31 years—the longest in the community. It’s true that school can’t provide everything that a child needs for full-potential development and you as a parent may be quite busy. Our dance program fills the gaps so that you get the biggest benefit from your investment.

Or, you are a classicist, you’ve studied over the years in a field that required dedication and commitment and you know the positive pay-offs of consistency and want that for your child so that they have advantages in life that put them in the upper percentile, not the middle average.

CRS Excellence Program has proven these benefits over the decades. We have honed this program and the entire environment so that children flourish.

Maybe you just want to try out dance and see how it goes.

Welcome. We’ve got you covered with many beginner classes starting at 2 years old through adult and since we are a pre-professional studio we cater to beginners and develop them into amazing dancers and citizens.

Maybe you want dance lessons for you or your child, but you feel life is so overwhelming you’re pretty sure you can’t commit to every week or commit to being on time or getting the class attire together consistently because life gets in the way. A lot.

We wouldn’t be a good fit for you—unless you know you are willing to change and that has happened! Part of our instruction and philosophy is taking responsibility for one’s self and commitments and finding the joy in that.

So what is the Christine Rich Studio Dance Academy about?

Like some dance schools, I built my studio with a passion for teaching students the great performance art of dance.

The studio started many years ago in downtown Tolono with delightful children and families. One of them was little Jennie Garth who went on to Hollywood acting and Beverly Hills 90210 fame.

After my own dance, modeling, acting and fitness product invention careers in NYC and LA, I returned to Champaign to continue my studio primarily at Lincoln Square before building the current magnificent building at 1402 Regency Dr West in Savoy, IL.

CRS About Pic

I built this dance studio center giving you two key benefits:

  1. Top-notch exceptional dance training and theatrical experience here in the Champaign County area for your child and
  2. Top-notch life skills that exceptional people use in life that will set your child apart from the crowd.

Having danced in NY and LA, I realized that properly trained dancers had benefits that could be used in a wide variety of experiences.

Once I was filming a movie and the lead actress got fired after not “hitting her light mark” for the second day. A new actress was flown in studying her lines as she was in the airplane.

They made sure that she was an actress who was also a trained dancer.

And of course Broadway, commercial actors and models usually have dance training. And we’ve had all of them as CRS alumni.

In the non-art professions, our students have stood out and the dance training has paid off.

Many of our students have handled double majors because they became so used to dancing 5-6 days a week and getting honor society grades that it became second nature to excel and flourish with time management.

Our alumni have become the who’s who of top researchers, academics, scholars, doctors and more.

They’ve all said that the dance training at CRS catapulted them to the top of their field.

Some remarked they were so comfortable in their skin they could stand and do presentations when their peers were shaking in their shoes.

And what about dance results?

If a dancer from CRS that’s been in the Excellence Program wanted to go professional, or attend a top dance college, like Butler, they were all so well trained they could do that.

Even at the most prestigious of international ballet competitions, Youth America Grand Prix, our students have won year after year and even in the finals against thousands from all over the world.

One interesting thing I’ve discovered over the years is if I ask any parent about the talent of their young child, they almost ALWAYS say that their child is doing it for fun and that the child has no potential to become a dancer.

I’m here to tell you that those parents are incorrect.

All students one day end up in the advanced classes with consistency.

The CRS classes draw out and train in potential no parent can see. But I have over the 31 years from thousands of kids.

Kids that it would have been easy to give up on, they had so many focus and behavior issues, now they are super stars in their fields.

And let me talk about our pre-professional training syllabus.

It is based upon classic training that professionals must have.

Of course it’s presented in an engaging (fun) way, but a pre-professional syllabus means you’re getting your money’s worth and your child is getting age-appropriate challenges.

You wouldn’t want “recreational” training because, as we say in the industry, those students become a good “mall dancer” meaning they spent years hanging out in class socializing, learning a few skills, and it was a great hobby, but it doesn’t translate well to success in life.

CRS is definitely not a hobby. We’re training students to have the ability to be a leader or mover and shaker and be happy in the process. There’s a distinction.

The process of learning challenging material is the very process that increases your child’s personal skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership, achievement, and happiness.

Most parents want the big picture.

Most parents who we work with want their child to have options later in life.

Our dance parents who have been with us awhile, (some 16 years plus), appreciate the environment that is family friendly and wholesome.

And our students are happy and joyful.

Well, take a look around the website here or come by for a visit. We have lots more information for you and I’m glad you stopped by to spend some time.


Christine Rich