Interview With CRS Student Meena Jain - By Christine Rich May 2016 Christine Rich: Meena, now that you have trained year-round for 16 years, did you ever think when you were young that you would be dancing the lead principal part in our ballet this year, Raymonda’s Dream? Meena Jain: It became a goal for me the […]
Interview With Student Ashley Thopiah – Lead Of “Visions Of Don Quixote”, Student At CRS For 17 Years, Graduating Senior Going To Butler University In Dance - Christine: How do you feel being one of the students who has studied dance the longest at CRS? Ashley: It’s very rewarding. It feels pretty impressive to stick with something so long. Compared to other high school peers, I’ve stuck with something for 17 years. […]
The Dreaded Tantrum Before Dance Class. Is Hiding On A Tropical Isle The Best Option? - You’ve paid for the dance lessons, bought the class uniform and shoes. At home, before class, you’re wiping the last telltale signs of pizza sauce off, getting your young child to the bathroom and praying you remember where the dance bag is. You feel the manic push to be on time. Then you’re laundry diving to locate the leotard and you’re not sure if it’s in the clean or dirty pile, […]
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Competition Team Feb 2015 - A picture is worth a thousand words. This video is worth a thousand experiences. I could never convey in words the joy dancers feel when they have trained, worked hard and had the courage to go on a stage and perform. […]