Alumni Testimonials

kyleen_jeans“Dancing with the Christine Rich Studio definitely has shaped who I am. In high school, I was dancing a wide variety of classes CRS offered, six days a week, and I was a CRS teaching intern.

“Being this busy, I learned how to prioritize my schedule and maximize my free time. Upon graduating from high school with honors, I went to Arizona State University in Tempe on an academic scholarship. I am currently double majoring as well as minoring in dance.

“Not only did I receive excellent dance technique from the Christine Rich Studio, but I also learned how to manage my rigorous schedule. The Christine Rich Studio also instills a strong sense of determination in their students. Practicing hard until something is accomplished is a skill that I have taken from my dancing to use in my daily life.”

– Kyleen Jeans, 2003 CRS Graduate, 7 years at CRS, Graduate with Honors


elise_nieman“My eight-year involvement in the Christine Rich Studio was an impressive credential to list on my college applications, especially when I was required to indicate the number of hours per week engaged in the activity. All those hours of dance training showed commitment, perseverance, and discipline.

“I appreciated the caliber of instruction, the cross-training opportunities, the camaraderie, and the encouragement I received at CRS, and I had a great time along the way.

“As a bonus, I get lots of compliments on my posture and I outscored all the boys in P.E. class in pushups, crunches, and flexibility.”

– Elise Nieman, 2006 CRS Graduate, 8 years at CRS, Illinois State Scholar


caitlin_huth“The Christine Rich Studio provides a wonderful opportunity to learn and execute the art of dance. The studio helped me perform the types of dance that I desired, allowing me to excel in each of them.

“I learned how to manage my time between school and dance; time management is a skill needed for many aspects of life. I enjoyed my time at CRS and have a great appreciation for the hard work and dedication of dancers.

“I know that I will forever walk around with choreography running through my head and my feet in constant motion.”

– Caitlin Huth, 2006 CRS Graduate, 10 years at CRS, Graduate with Honors


michelle_johnson“Although I am not pursuing a career in dance, the time I spent at the Christine Rich Studio is priceless to me. I danced at the Studio for nine years, and in addition to the excellent dance training I received, I made strong friendships and greatly improved my self-esteem. I was even selected as a teaching intern.

“I feel that I have become a confident adult, and a large part of that confidence comes from my experiences dancing with Christine and her staff. I was always encouraged to push myself and give my best effort, a lesson that I soon began to apply to life outside of the dance classroom.

“In addition, I learned to balance my dance schedule with my school commitments, without compromising my grades. Now, as I begin my college education, I see that my years spent at the Christine Rich Studio were a very beneficial and meaningful part of my life.”

– Michelle Johnson, 2005 CRS Graduate, 10 years at CRS


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