Parent Testimonials

testimonials-gina-haley“Simply put, at the CRS your child will learn to dance! You will see your child progress in the skills they are teaching there and your child will be using proper technique while doing it. Your money and time will not be wasted.

The students along with the CRS put on an amazing recital that is impressive and entertaining.”

– Gina Hartleb, parent of Haley Hartleb, began at CRS in 2004


testimonials-s-halberstadt“My daughter started taking dance at the Christine Rich Studio when she was 5 years old. She has always loved to dance. The level of instruction is top notch and the teachers care about their students.

The annual dance recital is fantastic. At the recital you can see the joy in the children’s eyes while they are on stage.

Sarah is taking tap, jazz, and ballet. She has gained a sense of self confidence and grace through dancing. With the Christine Rich Studio you get the whole package: professional instruction and a warm nurturing environment.”

– Vicki Halberstadt, Parent


testimonials_lauralynn“Four years ago when we were choosing a dance studio, my 4 year old just wanted to run around in a pretty dress on her tiptoes. I wanted her to gain an understanding of the work and the preparation it takes to make a dance performance happen. I wanted her to experience the joy of practicing until she could do something that she couldn’t do before.

My now almost 8 year old loves being in class because every class she learns something…she is so confident when she is dancing. Christine Rich Dance Studio has the environment and the structure and the talented teachers to fulfill all my wants for my daughter and she gets to wear the pretty dress.”

– Amy Chesser, parent of Laura Lynn, began at CRS in 2004


hoda“From simple fun to true personal growth, our daughter, Hoda, embarked on a wonderful journey at the Christine Rich Studio. CRS is a true school of thought, discipline and performance. This took her and her family to a most graceful self realization through a dança graciosa e bonita.”

– Samir Sayegh and Sophie Bichay


testimonials_andrew“When Andrew first started taking lessons at CRS he was having many difficulties in his life, school, and daycare. He had been kicked out of daycare for his behavior issues. When Christine called us after his first day in class we just knew he would not be able to attend her studio because of his behavior. When she had nothing but good to say about him I cried because everyone else had always given negative input.

He did spend a lot of time in timeout during dance classes. Eventually he learned to put that energy into dance, where he could express himself in a positive way. Thanks Christine and Luciana for being patient and giving him the chance to show himself. He has studied ballet, jazz, tap, Irish, modern, acrobatics, strength and hip hop.

Andrew (along with his dance partner Becky) has performed on professional stages in Chicago, competed with first place winnings, and even had the opportunity to be listed in the top 12 in the world at New York City finals. Without Andrew Testimonial 2Christine giving him these open doors and avenues to expose himself to the dance world he would not be where he is today. Andrew hopes to attend college to study dance, business and psychology. He hopes to have a career in dance, be a choreographer, and possibly own his own dance studio.”

– Nancy Cribbett, grandparent of Andrew Cribbett, began at CRS in 2000

Andrew Cribbett UPDATE 2015:

2015 2At the age of 16, while competing in Christine Rich’s choreography for him at Youth America Grand Prix, Andrew was offered scholarships to several ballet companies and Christine negotiated a $50,000 scholarship to attend the Washington Ballet school in Washington, DC as well as Duke Ellington Performing Arts High school for his senior year in high school! Andrew is now in his 5th year as a professional dance company member with Eisenhower Dance, an international touring dance company. He teaches class at Big City Dance Center in MI and does choreography and private lessons for the dance competition team. His dreams did come true!
He has mentioned several times that while he is giving corrections to his students he sounds like Christine and Ms. Luciana. Those corrections they gave him are instilled in his brain.

– Nancy and Ken Cribbett


“My daughter, Madison, began dancing at the Christine Rich Studio at age 2. I consider her dance classes an important extension of her education. It has helped her to develop poise and character. Madison truly loves her teachers and I love the structured, professional environment it provides!”

– Kim White, Parent


Kennis Murphy

 Kennis and Kim Collins2Hello! I wanted to share with you that Kennis did a jazz dance at her school variety show tonight.

When she was on stage, they started the music and it skipped and stopped. Then they started it a second time and it skipped and stopped again! Then on the third time when it skipped and stopped, Kennis just kept dancing.

She did her whole routine perfectly with a great smile on her face and no music.

My first thought was “Oh my goodness!” and my second thought was “Wow, Ms. Christine and Ms. Cassie would be so very proud!!!!”

Eight years of dance training put to the test right there. She got an A++++

Thanks for all you do at the Studio!!

– Kim Collins



“I think a gigantic pedestal should be built with you on it Christine. Never before have I been involved in a production of such a high level as the CRS recital.

I had no clue how much work, organization, patience and expertise it takes to put on such a great production, with never once forgetting that the kids were the number one priority.

I bow to you.

It was a magnificent show on both nights.

My daughter has gotten so much from her two years at CRS. I have to admit I was concerned about all the rules but I totally get it.

What you teach these girls and boys are life lessons that they will carry with them the rest of their days.

Without the rules and the expectations of behavior, you would have chaos, and the production, nor the degree of dancing would not be as high as it is.

I just want to say thank you, to you, for all you’ve done for my daughter, and all the kids who now have the love of dance. You’re the best.”

– M. White, Champaign


“Our daughter started taking dance with Christine at the age of three. She is now in her 6th year of dance at the Christine Rich Studio. Alexis enjoys taking the tap and hip-hop classes offered. The classes are taught in a professional manner, but they also offer a nurturing environment for the students with a personal touch. As a result, Alexis feels very close to Christine.

We do not know if our daughter will pursue a professional dance career in her future, but if she does, we are confident in knowing that she has had a wonderful foundation laid with proper training to help her achieve that goal by taking dance at the Christine Rich Studio.”

– Marty and Tammy Wedig, Parents


“My daughter, Samantha, has always loved to dance, but since joining Christine Rich Dance Studio, she never stops! Friends, family, and an occasional stranger become instant audiences and Samantha becomes Christine herself complete with Arabesque and Echappe.

“On a regular basis we hear Samantha say how she is going to be a ballerina when she grows up. We are thrilled with the patience and energy Christine puts into her 2 year old class and all that Samantha has gained from it.”
– Tammie Mabry, Parent


“I have observed Christine Rich Studio to be a professional dance studio that strives for excellence in their students and the many classes they offer. My daughter, Alina, enjoys the classes and loves the recitals. She says ‘the teachers are nice.’ I have enjoyed the experience there for the last 4 years.”

– Naomi Altmyer, Parent


“In the spring of 2001, I took my 2 ½ year old granddaughter to Foellinger Auditorium to see the Christine Rich Studio’s dance recital. Tori sat on my lap and didn’t move…watching every group and every movement made by the youngsters on stage. At the intermission, she turned to me and said ‘Nana, I want to do that.’

So, the next day, Nana made a phone call… to the Christine Rich Studio. Christine told me she would take Tori, at 2 ½ for the summer session, if she could count to ten and follow instructions. In the spring of 2002, her daddy and I gave her a standing ovation. Tori loves to come to dance class and interact with the other children. She likes being in the recitals the best… a chance for her to wear make-up and a fancy costume. Christine is GREAT with the kids!”

– Colleen Hart, Grandparent


“Christine Rich is a remarkable teacher. Our daughter and son really enjoy attending her classes. She always makes dance fun and ensures that the studio is a positive, distraction-free environment.”

– Shannon Slifer, Parent


“Over the last three years, my three daughters have enjoyed dancing at the Christine Rich Studio. I feel that they have learned poise, grace and discipline. They are developing a love for the fine arts. Luciana, Daniela and Christine all provide a warm, nurturing and professional atmosphere in their classes. If you want your child to learn any form of dance the correct way, then Christine Rich Studio is the place to be.”

– Sandhya Patel, Parent


“Alice started learning ballet and tap at the age of three with the Christine Rich Studio. During the past 3 ½ years she has received she has received high levels of professionalism at the Christine Rich Studio, under the instruction of Christine, Luciana and Daniela and has gained her self-pride, dance manners and grace. The annual dance recital gives her a lot of valuable stage experience. We really appreciate that the Christine Rich Studio creates such an enthusiastic and friendly dancing environment for Alice.”

– Yin Wang and Wenxiu Lin, Parents


“The Christine Rich Dance Studio gives our son and daughter a great sense of confidence and pride. We can see it on their faces after each class. They come out with big smiles every time.”

– Rich and Gina Wilson, Parents.


“Taking ballet and tap has had a profound impact on our daughter. She loves the classes and has gained immense self-confidence.

She still talks about performing in the recital last spring at age 3 and she can’t wait for the one this spring.”

– Brett and Kristin Feddersen, parents of a 4-year-old


Meena Jain 

“Meena has been taking dance classes at Christine Rich Studio since she was 2 years old – over 16 years now! She not only has enjoyed dance, but has become stronger, more responsible, and hardworking. 

She is focused and efficient in her studies and that discipline finds its roots and reinforcement in her dance training. 

With all of the recent headlines of the risks involved in contact sports these days, it is a reminder of the benefit of dance as a great option to provide strength training, artistic expression, and athletic advancement. 

Meena has made life-long friends, worked with wonderful teachers and will always be able to fall back on and remember her training during her years at CRS.”

~Sanjiv Jain, father


Gauri Shankar

“Gauri started dance class at the age of two at the Christine Rich Studio, and she loves it. Over the years she has grown as a dancer and as a person as her teachers have taught her many life lessons. She has learned excellent ballet technique from former teacher Ms. Luciana, now with Mr. Alberto, and performed outstanding choreography from Christine Rich, and learned remarkable skills from the outstanding staff of teachers at the studio. 

Her training at CRS has allowed her to achieve an immense amount in the dance studio and out, as the discipline she has acquired is beneficial in all aspects of her life. 

Her discipline is apparent through her school work as her grades reflect the hard work that she puts into dance and school. None of this would have been possible without the countless hours spent in dance classes learning, improving, and working hard.”

~Shaku Shankar, mother


Everest Guerrero

My son Everest is also a student at Christine Rich Studio. He is 4 years old and currently in the Primary Program and soon the Excellence Program. Spending so much time at the studio with his sister it became clear that he also wanted to take dance class. 

I was hesitant to enroll him because Everest was speech delayed and also has SPD (sensory processing disorder). Everest was almost completely non-verbal when he first started dance class. Even after receiving speech, occupational and developmental therapy for over two years and being in school for 6 months, he still had a very limited vocabulary and was unable to sit in one place and focus on an activity for more than 5 minutes. I didn’t think he would be able to sit still and focus in class and at first he wasn’t. 

Eventually he realized that if he wanted to be able to participate in class that was exactly what he would have to do. He would visit Christine in her office and he began to focus and sit still.

In the year since he started dancing at the Christine Rich Studio his vocabulary has increased immensely. He has words now for almost everything, he can speak in sentences, answer questions and he can participate fully in his dance classes, even those that are an hour long. 

Everest’s school teacher says he is excelling now and even told me at the end of last year that he was more prepared to enter kindergarten than some of his classmates that were going to kindergarten, and he still has a year of preschool left. I fully believe that it was because of dance, and because of the fact that he had to stay in one place and focus on the dance teacher in order to participate, that he was able to begin to manage his SPD. And the ability to manage it and focus is what helped him learn to speak. 

I’m so thankful for what dance has done for him and the patience his CRS teachers have showed him.

~Sarah Guerrero, mother


Alexis Miller

 “Alexis took her first tap/ballet class at Christine Rich Studio when she was a mere 3 years old. At age 4 she began the Excellence Program. Dance has always been a priority for her. Christine Rich Studio offers classes throughout the year and Alexis has taken advantage of those opportunities to grow as a dancer and especially through the Excellence Program.

She also took private lessons with (former ballet teacher) Luciana to get individual assessment on her dance technique and valued the corrections she got in order to improve. She has taken ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, acting, modern, strength, floor barre, dance tech, Irish, and the CRS Choreography Project, they have all served her well. Alexis also took advantage of the Foundation Access Card to take additional lower level classes to better herself. Through hard work and excellent training Alexis went on to become the lead of the ballet in Raymonda and La Fille Mal Gardée.

I believe it is because of the training at the CRS that Alexis excelled at school too.

Do I think the dance education she received at Christine Rich Studio was worth it? Yes, yes, yes! The training that Alexis received will enable her to go anywhere and do anything with her dancing. 

It is because of Christine and all of the dedicated professional staff that Alexis auditioned and went to The Joffrey Ballet School in NY to become a part of the Ballet Trainee Program! 

Christine Rich Studio teachers worked hand in hand with Alexis to help her be the best that she can be. It was Alexis’s passion to learn and their passion to teach that made Alexis’s dream come true!”

~Jackie Miller, mother 


Xavia Guerrero

“Xavia began expressing an interest in dance at a very early age, and as someone who never took dance, or even had an interest in it, I was leery about jumping into an activity that I knew nothing about. I found the Christine Rich Studio Dance Academy during my search and I have to say signing her up was one of the best decisions I have made—especially as a mother. 

My daughter, Xavia, absolutely fell in love with dance, and began the CRS Excellence Program her second year when she was 4 years old. She has continued in the program since then, as well as adding in private lessons at age 5. She is 6 now and dances 6 days a week, and she is inspired by the activity. 

She utilizes her Foundation Access Card whenever she can to take lower level dance classes for more practice, even if it means me bringing her to the studio on a night when she doesn’t have her regular class. 

I have watched her grow so much in such a short time. She excels in dance and in school. Xavia is confident, determined and embraces a challenge. She loves the Studio and the teachers. She has made many friends and achieved so much at such a young age. I look forward to continuing to watch her grow and succeed with the help of her wonderful teachers and the amazing curriculum at the Christine Rich Studio.”

~Sarah Guerrero, mother

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