Student Testimonials

michelle-burtness“The top ten reasons why I love the Christine Rich Studio:

10. Christine has funny stories.
9. Listening to the Brazilian teachers is fun.
8. It’s ok to mess up, just don’t do it again. 🙂
7. You never know what’s going to happen next.
6. There is no nasty cutthroat competition, the students help and encourage each other.
5. Students are encouraged to develop not only excellent dance technique but also excellent character and attitudes.
4. The other students and the faculty are some of the nicest people ever.
3. The teachers have created an environment that teaches the love for learning.
2. Each student is pushed to do their best, but never personally attacked or pushed too far.
1. The principal philosophy for dance at the Studio is ‘quality not quantity.’

“The Christine Rich Studio is effective in excellent dance training because of the principles it operates on: the Studio operates with a good and proper authority structure, a fun environment of learning, and a challenging, yet kind, teaching style.

“Christine and Luciana are committed to excellence and quality in dance, as opposed the ‘bells and whistles’ approach that seems very common nowadays. That is what really makes the difference for me.

“I also really appreciate the feeling of the friendships between the students; we help, encourage and laugh with one another. I know that no matter how far I go in my dance career, the training that I am receiving is of the highest quality.”

– Michelle Burtness, Student, age 18


ashley-thopiah“I have been dancing at the Christine Rich Studio for 11 years. Not only have I become a better dancer, I’m becoming more athletic, disciplined, and confident all the time.

“I think it is a challenge having focused, picky teachers. But in the end, it always pays off. It is fun going to the recital and performing, because you have all that hard work to show.

“Christine has helped me become a good choreographer too. At home, I make up dances for my friends to songs that we like. It’s much more fun having the skills from CRS!”

– Ashley Thopiah, Years of study: 11


madblack“I started dancing at the Christine Rich Studio when I was three years old and ever since then I’ve been uplifted with helpful tips and joy! At the studio if you get a correction it’s to help not hurt. Here we are taught not to compete but to improve our skills.

“In 2009 I had my first solo competition at the Youth America Grand Prix in Chicago, and it was fabulous! Christine Rich herself designed my outstanding costume. Every judge complimented on it! Some might dread going to practice after class, but I always loved going to my private lessons. Partly because of my wonderful instructor, Luciana Rezende, and the other part because every time I went I knew that when I walked out of the door, I would know that I had improved. The Christine Rich Studio is a great place to become a dancer!”

– Maddie Black, Years of study: 8


Aaron-07“As an adult beginning ballet student I never could have imagined the nurturing environment and dedicated teaching that I have found at the Christine Rich Studio under the instruction of Ms. Luciana Rezende, Ballet Program Director.

“I have been accepted and carefully trained based on my individual abilities and desire to achieve. The talented teaching of Ms. Luciana and the individual vision that she has for each of her students has allowed me to accomplish more than I ever thought I would as a dance student.

“From progress in the studio, to learning choreography, to performing on stage I have enjoyed the professionalism and high standards found throughout the ballet program at the Christine Rich Studio.”

– Aaron O’Connor, Adult student


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