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Learn Dance Skills,
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and Have Fun

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Thinking of a dance class?

If you’re looking to have fun, you’re in the right place.

We teach you terrific dance lessons and make them so much fun, you’ll be delighted.

There’s the smell of new dance shoes. The feel of the new leotard.

Hearing all the sounds… excited chatting children lining up in the lobby clutching their dance bag.

The classical piano music from the ballet classroom, and down the wide hall to the jazz, acrobatic or hip hop classroom you hear lively bass notes from various songs—all clean of course.

Nearby, you can hear the cheerful toddler tap and ballet teacher asking the dancing toddlers to “jump high” as they put in every bit of effort their little bodies can give.

Everywhere you look, the studio is so clean and filled with art to enjoy.

There are dance students seeing progress each week. The friendly parents in the hall and the wonderful dance teachers see the student’s improvement too.

Then, when a dance class finishes, you see the excited dancers exit the classroom heading straight to the water fountain in the homework room!

Ahh. They’ve been working hard. Dance is art, fitness and culture all rolled into one action-packed dance lesson.

Next, the students head straight to their parent right away to tell them about the new terminology they learned.

Too excited to wait for home, the students often show off their new steps in the lobby or hall.

After the mini-show, the family heads to their car in the spacious parking lot… past the beautiful boulders and rose bushes. The neighborhood in Savoy, IL is safe, charming and inviting.

Check out the reviews and testimonials over the past thirty years and counting—they’re entertaining.

For your convenience you can enroll online and pay by credit card for your dance classes. Of course you can visit us and pay by check or cash.

You can email us for quick responses or call (217) 355-9265 and leave a message.

Welcome to our website… stay and check out all the fun. We hope to serve YOU next.

Located only two blocks from Champaign-Urbana, the Christine Rich Studio Dance Academy serves the surrounding communities: Mahomet, Tolono, Philo, Pesotum, Monticello, Gibson City, Rantoul, Danville, Bloomington-Normal, Decatur, Springfield, St. Joseph, Mattoon, Effingham, and all of Central Illinois.


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